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Goby markers

Goby markers


Markers characteristics:

Textile pen for wash-resistant decorating and drawing on most light textiles like cotton, silk, and linen. The round nib has a stroke width of 1 mm. The water-based pigment ink has a neutral smell, is quick-drying and extremely lightfast. After fixing the colors by ironing the fabric (without steam), the textiles can be washed at up to 60 °C

Markers features:

Shape of nib: round
Stroke width: 1 mm
Neutral smell
Extremely lightfast
Cap can be repositioned

Markers usage:

Before drawing, place a piece of cardboard under the fabric to ensure that the ink will not bleed through the material. Once you have completed your design, the applied ink can be made permanent by ironing once (without steam), and wash-resistant up to 60 °C. Store horizontally. Secure the fabric with double-sided adhesive tape to paint on a non-slipping and fixed surface. Start with drawing the outlines and colour in once dry